Celebrating 50 years of Christian education in Wilson County!

Introduction to Our School:

McClain Christian Academy is a private, Christian school that caters to Pre-K through 8th grade. We place a premium on moral and spiritual values, encouraging our students to deepen their chosen faith, in an atmosphere in which all beliefs can flourish.

We are proud of our academic merit with our students achieving outstanding examination results. Our staff to student ratio gives us the flexibility to shape the daily curriculum around the needs of individual students, identifying their abilities and developing them. All of our staff contributes to life beyond the classroom through their commitment to club, sporting, and fundraising activities.

Everything we do focuses on the needs of the students. Through nurturing the individual, our students grow up ready to live in the outside world and be confident in what they can achieve.

Elementary/Middle School Program(Grades 1-8)

As students begin the elementary program, their knowledge is enhanced intellectually, culturally and socially. Low  teacher to student ratios allow the children to obtain individualized instruction. A key component to successful learning  at MCA is the nurturing, Christian environment. Christian concepts are not only taught each day but are modeled to  the children through the Christian professionalism that each faculty member demonstrates.

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Program emphasizes strong basic skills through the use of effective programs by Saxon Math and Treasures Reading/Language. These programs achieve excellence not only in phonics, but also in basic math concepts through drills, practice, and manipulatives. The program also integrates computation, application and problem-solving concepts. It is our goal to provide children with opportunities to reach their full potential, to perform basic addition/subtraction computations, solve basic word problems and apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as develop socially and emotionally.

Early Childhood Program

The Pre-School offers a full-day curriculum, Monday through Friday, that prepares the students for a more academically challenging setting. It has a well-paced schedule that leads children through classroom instruction, as well as individualized enrichment opportunities for the development of art, math, science, social and gross motor skills.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

In Pre-Kindergarten, the children are introduced to the alphabet through a thematic and phonics approach. Students are introduced to math concepts such as classifying, patterning, measurements, problem-solving and numbers through the use of various manipulative. Students are also provided opportunities to explore our learning centers. Through these centers, we hope that the students will learn social cooperation and communication skills.


MCA realizes the impact of technology in preparing students to compete in the 21st century and the global economy. Technology is used as a tool to enhance not only instruction but student learning. With a stand alone lab for the PreK-K students, to a rolling lab of laptops for grades 1-5, and student laptops to be used at school and home for the middle  & high school students, MCA strives to prepare students for the ever changing world.

Our Extra Activities

Art, Music, French, and Computer are some of our students' favorite classes. Each are separate classes taught by specialized teachers in that area. The parents appreciate the manners class as well. Of course, field trips top the list of favorite activities.


Classrooms are separated to minimize distractions. Natural lighting and white boards minimize headaches due to eye strain, resulting in increased concentration and higher test scores. MCA feels our safe, Christian environment is the key component to the success of children.