Celebrating 50 years of Christian education in Wilson County!


McClain Christian Academy

Revised August, 2015



McClain Christian Academy is committed to being an innovator in education creating a Christ-centered environment where knowledge, understanding, and wisdom prepare its students to live a life of success, honor, and service.


Our mission is to “prepare minds for leadership and hearts for service.” To be an effective school, every stakeholder/school family member must understand and be committed to our mission and goals. We care that our students become leaders of tomorrow and have a Christ-like spirit to serve others.


At McClain Christian Academy, WE BELIEVE: 

  • that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God, and as such is the final authoritative rule for faith, life, and standards of instruction (II Timothy3:15-17; II Peter1:20-21). 
  • in one sovereign God, eternally existing in three persons: the everlasting Father, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, and the Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:1; Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 28:19).
  • in the true deity and full humanity of our Lord, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious, victorious, and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and in His return in power and glory. (John 1:1; Matthew 1:18, 25; Hebrews 4:14-15; Hebrews 9:15-22).
  • that man was originally created in the image of God and to enjoy fellowship with God, but because of Adam’s sin, all mankind falls short of the Glory of God, and the salvation of lost and sinful men is by Grace, and the daily regeneration of such, by the Holy Spirit, is absolutely necessary; that the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life (John 5:24, John 3:16-19, John 14:6, Acts 2:38-39, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 8:1-4, Romans 5:8-9, Romans 3:23-26, James 2:17, Revelation 2:10, Ephesians 2:8-10).
  • that the one, holy, universal Church is the spiritual body of Christ and is composed of communities of Christ’s followers (Hebrews 10:24-25, Philippians 2:1-5, Ephesians 4:2-6, Romans 8:35-39).



Education is not just about training the mind with knowledge, but also about training the heart. In accordance with this statement, at McClain Christian Academy, WE BELIEVE:

  • students are encouraged to strive toward being/having Christ-likeness, responsibility, integrity, respect, and a service attitude (Colossians 1:10).
  • teachers model, inspire, and motivate students toward excellence as they demonstrate the character of Christ (2 Timothy 2:15).
  • parents are the key to spiritual and educational development of children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).
  • we are to encourage every child to begin and/or develop his or her relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:13-15, 28:18-20).
  • we are to teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • we are to provide clear models of Christ-likeness through the examples of our faculty and staff members (Matthew 22:37-40).



McClain Christian Academy and received its 501c(3) non-profit status. It is approved as a Category I school by the Tennessee Department of Education (click on this website for a listing of Category I non-public schools in Tennessee: ) .




Registration will begin the week prior to school opening and run through that week. All fees including registration must be paid prior to students attending classes. Pre-kindergarten and/or kindergarten students must provide on the day of registration an up-to-date immunization record, social security card, and an official birth certificate. Transferring students will provide proper documentation from their previous schools. Report cards will be necessary for tentative placement. New students will be tested to determine grade placement. There is no additional charge for this procedure. MCA accepts new students throughout the school year based on academic and behavior records acquired from the previous school. Depending on class assignment, high school student may not be acceptable until the end of the firstsemester in order for students to not lose class credits.



McClain Christian Academy is committed to providing the best possible education for all of its students. It strives to maintain tuition rates that are manageable for its parents yet helps to offset operational expenses. Parents enter into a contractual agreement with McClain Christian stating they are responsible for meeting tuition obligations for the entire school year contract. Parents who break that contractual agreement are still liable for the remaining tuition balance. Effective November 13, 2013, the Board of Directors approved the following tuition discount for families with multiple children attending MCA:

  • First student, $8,000
  • 2nd student, 50% discount (at $8,000 = $4,000)
  • 3rd or more student/s, 25% discount (at $8,000 = $6,000)
  • This does not apply to new students/families who will receive our new student discount.
  • This does not apply to students/families receiving scholarships.
  • In the event there is a tuition increase, the discount percentage remains the same.
  • This is for the 2014-2015 school year. The policy will be reviewed for the 2015-2016 school year.



McClain Christian Academy was deeply saddened when one of its students, Isabella Cadena, passed away suddenly. In her memory the Isabella Cadena Scholarship was established. In the Spring of 2015 the Dr. Charles and Sandra Poston Leadership and Service Scholarship was established to benefit a student in need. Parents that are interested in applying for a scholarship scholarship may request an application by calling the school at 615-444-2678. You can help by making a contribution to the scholarship fund and help us to provide children an opportunity to receive a private, Christian-based education. Scholarships are for 1⁄2 tuitions only. They do not include additional fees (registration, books, and PTO). Students and parents are required to work in various fundraisers, basketball games, etc.



Students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 attend a 7-hour school day. The state of Tennessee requires students to attend 6 and 1⁄2 hours per day and to attend 180 school days each school year. The extra 30 minutes that our students attend each day earn McClain Christian Academy stockpile days that can be used when school is cancelled for inclement weather, teacher in-service, or other days designated by the administration.



Regular school attendance is important to a student’s academic success and also promotes good work habits and self-discipline. Parents are to report all unplanned absences to the school by phone and/or e-mail to the school principal. Students are not to report their own absences. Students who are dismissed from school early will follow sign-out procedures through the high school office or Main Campus office or face possible suspension. They will be counted as absent from their remaining classes. Assignments for all missed classes are the responsibility of the student and should be obtained apart from class time. Apart from extreme circumstances, ten (10) absences (excused or unexcused) in any given semester will result in the student possibly repeating that semester.



Pursuant to TCA 49-6-3001, every parent, guardian, or other legal custodian residing within the state of Tennessee, having control or charge of any child or children between six (6) years of age and seventeen (17) years of age, both inclusive, shall cause such child or children to attend public, home, or non-public school, and in the event of failure to do so, shall be subject to penalties. On the occasion that a student fails to abide by the attendance policy established by the state of Tennessee, McClain Christian Academy will follow the attendance penalties set forth by the Wilson County School System.



Before and after school care is provided Monday –Friday at the Main Campus each week only when school is in session. Before-school care begins at 7:20. After-school care begins at 3:15 and ends at 5:30. Parents are to sign students in and out each day. Parents are billed at the end of each month for these services.



Students are required to be in school for 3 and 1⁄2 hours to be counted present. A student will be excused to leave school before regular dismissal for only the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Death in the family
  3. Trips and unique opportunities which have been approved in advance and the teacher notified prior to the day of early dismissal.
  4. Circumstances which, in the judgment of the principal, create emergencies over which the student has no control.

Unexcused early dismissals will follow the same consequences as unexcused tardies.



Excused: Students given an excused absence are afforded the opportunity to make up their work. No points will be counted off this work. Unexcused: Students given an unexcused absence will be given an opportunity to make up this work provided the main campus or high school principal gives permission.


MCA students and/or parents who know in advance that they will miss one or more classes are When deemed reasonable, the Director/Principal will approve absences for medical and dental appointments, short family trips, and similar occurrences. No requests should be made during examination periods; extended time away from school is strongly discouraged. All missed work and/or assignments are to be completed and submitted within five (5) days of the student’s return at no penalty.



Parents must accompany students signing in after the start of the school day and/or apart from extreme circumstances, ten (10) absences (excused or unexcused) in any given semester will result in the student possibly repeating that semester. Student must be in attendance for 90% of the school year.

*In all cases, students are required to provide the school an explanation of the absence to be kept in the student’s file. Documentation includes a doctor’s note, email notification or hand-written note signed by the parent/guardian. Please contact the school administrator on the day of an unexpected absence.



For students being picked up at the Main Campus, 528 Vance Lane, we ask that parents follow the arrowed-signs to the front of the building. Students will be loaded into cars by school personnel. Please follow the drive around the playground to exit. If you wish to get out of your car and talk to school personnel, please pull to the right side of the building and park in the gravel area. Please stay on the drive way and use the pull-offs to allow on-coming cars to pass.



McClain Christian Academy daily emphasizes self-respect which results from a child’s academic accomplishment, proper conduct, and regard for others. When MCA students come to school, they come to an important, rigorous work in a well-structured, caring, Christ centered environment. MCA’s daily routines support the school’s seriousness of purpose. All routines are designed to convey a clear sense of expectation and to demonstrate personal concern for each individual student from the MCA faculty.



The school day begins at 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. Students who arrive after 8 a.m. are required to have a parent escort and sign them in.Parents may begin to line up for dismissal at 2;45. Students will be dismissed according to parent/car order. For parents waiting in the car line, students will be walked to your car by MCA staff. We ask that you encourage your child to walk with MCA staff for their safety. Please DO NOT get out of your car while in the car line except to assist in getting your child in the car. Please DO NOT go around other cars in the car line. THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS (and staff) IS MOST IMPORTANT. Parents may park in the parking area (right side when facing) and come into the school building to pick-up students.



  • Students are expected to bring a lunch each day.
  • Students may purchase lunch on Wednesday and Friday.
  • At the beginning of each month a calendar will be sent home showing the lunch selections.
  • If you wish to have lunches ordered, please return the menu with selections and payment back to school in your child’s folder promptly.
  • Students will have a snack time each day. Please provide a healthy snack for your child. He/she may keep snacks stored at school for personal consumption.
  • Bottled water is available for 25 cents. All students will share the same lunch time, unless a Dual
  • Enrollment student’s college schedule prevents such. Students may bring his/her lunch from home, parents/siblings may bring lunch to students, or students may purchase lunches from the Bulldog
  • Cafe for $5. Students are to demonstrate the highest level of Christian behavior, proper etiquette, and table manners, creating and maintaining an atmosphere of order and civility throughout the lunch period. Students are to return trays, dispose of all litter, and leave the dining area as clean as it was upon their arrival.
  • Parents and other family members are always welcome to dine with MCA students/faculty, during our scheduled lunch times.



McClain Christian Academy does not provide transportation services for students per se. This remains the responsibility of the parents. Parents graciously provide transportation to and from school events such as field trips. A copy of that parent’s driver’s license and current insurance policy is kept on file at the school. Students may only ride with other parents providing they have written permission to do so. Teachers do provide transportation for students in their cars during the school day to selected events. Here again, permission is given in writing and proof of license and current insurance is on file for those teachers.



Apart from the normal term report cards, teachers are asked to stay in communication with parents regarding the quality of student work. McClain Christian Academy’s primary mode of communication with parents is e-mail. If a parent/guardian does not begin to receive communication from MCA the first week of school, please contact the school. Parents are invited to call the school during normal school hours and/or make appointments to discuss student work, after school hours.



Except for class use as authorized by the teacher, students are not to bring any type of electronic device to campus. Computers are exempt. Students must comply with McClain Christian Academy’s Acceptable Use Policy. Student cell phones must be turned off during the school day. Students who violate cell phone policy will be required to turn their cell phones in each morning and to be returned at the end of the school day.



All visitors, including parents, must report to the school office prior to entering any MCA designated area of CU’s campus. Former students and guests must have prior approval in order to visit during the school day.


Fire drills are held monthly with the exception of two during the first month of each school year. When the announcement is made or the alarm sounds, students are to exit their classrooms quickly, quietly, and in an organized manner. Students are to remain quiet, until the teacher gives permission to talk quietly. Fire and tornado evacuation procedures are posted.



Delayed openings and school-day cancellations due to inclement weather (snow, ice, flooding, etc.) are generally announced by 6:30 a.m. on WKRN (Channel 2), WTVF (Channel 5), and WSMV (Channel 4). MCA will do it’s best to give parents ample warning in order to make necessary arrangements. In most cases MCA will follow the closing decisions made by Wilson County and Lebanon Special School District. Parents and students are requested not to call MCA’s office or MCA personnel for information regarding school closing.



Students who need to take prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs must give these to the teacher upon entering school. Students taking these drugs must have a Medication Form filled out by the parent and/or doctor giving dosage and times the drugs are to be administered. These will remain locked and administered to the student pre directions on the medication form. Students may be given pain medication only with a signed Medication Release form on file.



As mandated by the State of Tennessee, McClain Christina Academy provides hearing and vision screenings at designated grade levels at both elementary and middle schools. Health screening will only be given to students whose parents have given consent.



School Rules apply:

  • On school grounds;
  • En route to and from school;
  • Off school grounds at a district-approved school activity, function, event or school-related circumstances as determined by the Principal and/or the Director even if the alleged violation did not occur on a school day;
  • Off school grounds if the behavior is disruptive to the school environment and its educational purpose or constitutes a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of a student or students and/or school personnel.



Under no circumstances are the following items allowed on school property:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Drugs (marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, etc.)
  • Handgun, rifle, and or shotgun
  • Explosives (example: bomb, grenade, rockets, poison gas, etc.)



Bullying, harassment, and cyber-bullying are not acceptable in any form or fashion at McClain Christian Academy. Our goal is to provide an environment that is safe and conducive to learning for all of our students. Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-6-1016 requires schools to have a policy prohibiting bullying and harassment as well as procedures for investigating reports of bullying and harassment. The following definitions are provided by TDOE and may be visited at this website: ( :


Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. The imbalance of power involves the use of physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity to control or harm others.


Harassment is any unwelcome conduct based on a protected class under the federal civil rights laws that is severe, pervasive or persistent and creates a hostile environment that interferes with or limits a student's ability to participate in or benefit from services, activities, or opportunities offered by a school. Harassment meets one or more of the following criteria: is an act directed at one or more students that is received as harmful or embarrassing; is directed at one or more students; substantially interferes with educational opportunities, benefits, or programs of one or more students; substantially affects the ability of a student to participate in or benefit from the school district’s educational programs or activities by placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm or by causing emotional distress; is based on a student’s actual or perceived distinguishing characteristic, or is based on an association with another person who has or is perceived to have any distinguishing characteristics; is repeated over time – is severe, persistent, and pervasive; causes mental duress, or psychological trauma to the victim.


Cyber-bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets, as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples may include mean text messages or emails, rumor sent by email or posted on social network sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.


Disciplinary action will be initiated at the school level. The principal/designee will investigate a student’s alleged misconduct and determine whether disciplinary action is necessary. The principal/designee will provide due process by explaining the school’s view of the offense, the information gathered during the investigation, and the length of the suspension/expulsion or other behavior intervention as determined by the principal. The principal/designee will allow the student to explain his/her side or view of the offense. If the principal/designee has knowledge of any serious student misconduct, the principal/designee may immediately remove the student to restore order, to further investigate the misconduct, or to protect persons on the school grounds. The principal/designee may suspend the student immediately for a maximum of two (2) days** (summary suspension). If it is determined that disciplinary action is not warranted, the incident will be deleted and the suspension days will be changed to excused absences.


McClain Christian Academy maintains student records on each student to give teachers and parents information on student growth and development. These records contain any information on students such as achievement testing results, copies of report cards, attendance, medical information, and other important information. These records are for teacher and administration use only and kept in the principal’s office. Non-authorized personnel do not have access to student records.


McClain Christian Academy provides parents of a student access to their child’s records per that parents’ request. Once a child has transferred to another school, records are sent only by parent/school request. If students have outstanding tuition or fees, the school reserves the right to withhold the transfer of student records until all accounts have been finalized.


Transcript requests require at least one week notice. MCA graduates will receive official copies in the mail within two weeks of graduation if all accounts are in good standing.


Parent Conferences are encouraged throughout the school year. They may be initiated by the parent, the teacher, and/or the student. We believe in open-lines of communication. Per state requirements, one day in the fall of the year is set aside as “Parent Conference Day.” This opportunity provides parents with an up-to-date progress report on students and opportunities students have for growth. Please be thoughtful in regards to student’s class time. Whenever possible, schedule conferences and address concerns before and after school.


Parent and school relationships are very important. A Parent Teacher Organization was organized to develop positive relationships and promote open-lines of communication between school and home. This organization provides a variety of activities to help maintain the school and support students and teachers.


The McClain Christian Grandparents Club was organized in 2013. Grandparents are important stakeholders in the school. Its mission is “to serve the school with time and resources.” This club meets monthly to organize and implement special projects that will benefit the total school.


McClain Christian Academy does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or gender. Equal rights and opportunities are provided for all..

Dress Code Requirements Revised July, 2015


The McClain Christian Academy Secondary School dress code is intended to create a learning environment free from all external distractions while allowing students a modicum of selection. McClain Christian Academy students should always present themselves with decency, modesty and self-respect.

  • Students must wear either a solid polo style or button-up shirt with a collar. Students may wear any of the colors offered for order.
  • Student’s shirts must display the school’s emblem as presented in the upper right hand corner of this document.
  • Students may not wear logo shirts (or outerwear worn all day) for schools other than MCA or CU.
  • Undershirts are NOT required.
  • Tank tops (as well as other undergarments) should not be visible if worn under a shirt. Undershirts are acceptable in the winter season, worn under a short -sleeved school polo.
  • Shirts are NOT REQUIRED to be tucked in (unless teacher/admin requirement for field trip, etc.)
  • Shorts, pants, jeans- these must be a solid color (denim, grey, khaki, navy) and made with plain fabrics (jean, cotton, corduroy, khaki, etc.) No torn or frayed shorts, pants.
  • Skirts/shorts/skorts/jumpers- must reach the bottom of fingertips when arms are by the side.
  • Belts are not a requirement, but should be worn when necessary.
  • Stocking/leggings may be worn with skirts (never alone) and must be a solid color.
  • Girls have options for short, skirts and jumpers, available through Lands’ End. MCA requests that parents/students purchase only from the item list provided.
  • Shoes must have a strap around the back. No flip-flops, house shoes, etc.
  • Outerwear items that a student wishes to wear all day, must display the school’s emblem as presented in the upper right hand corner of this document.
  • Any McClain/CU sweatshirt or hoodie is always dress code appropriate.


Field trip attire will be decided based on the event. All students should be prepared with a pair of khakis, pants, shorts or skirt/skort, if required. If the occasion requires tucking in shirts, a belt should be worn.


  • On any day when MCA athletes are competing, ALL STUDENTS may wear an MCA t-shirt with jeans or khakis.
  • Participating athletes may wear warm-up gear. Regular dress code attire is required otherwise.

FRIDAY DRESS: students may wear either MCA or CU t-shirts. These do not need to be tucked in.


  • Students are expected to present an overall neat and clean appearance in both hygiene and clothing.
  • Hair must be of a natural color and students’ eyes should be visible.
  • Beards must be groomed.
  • Jewelry and other accessories are individual to each student and are permitted barring any distractions to the learning process.



McClain Christian Academy students, at each grade level, follow a common course of study influenced by a Christian worldview. This includes all basic requirements and standards as set forth by the Tennessee Department of Education in addition to MCA requirements intended to grow students who are competent and knowledgable leaders of tomorrow. MCA graduates should possess a Christ-like spirit and the wisdom to live a life of success, honor, and service. As well as completing required courses for graduation as set forth by the state of Tennessee, students take a minimum of 4 Bible classes. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to take two (2) Cumberland University courses per semester allowing them to graduate with 24 college credits.


McClain Christian Academy seeks to nurture absolute respect for intellectual property. Any willful misrepresentation of another’s work or ideas as one’s own – cheating, copying, and/or plagiarizing – will be treated with the utmost gravity.

Parents receive full report cards every term (9 weeks) regarding their child’s academic progress and standing. Furthermore, all faculty members use Engrade (, accessible to parents and students online. Cumberland University course grades are not accessible via this system but are reported at the end of each semester. A graduate’s GPA will reflect an unweighted and weighted average that adds more value to Honors and Dual Enrollment courses taken in grades 8-12.

K-2 Students are assessed based on skills, behaviors and academic standards that should be mastered at their respective grade levels.

MCA uses the following grade scale for grades 3-12.

A= 93-100 (4.0) B= 85-92 (3.0) C= 75-84 (2.0) D= 70-74 (1.0) F= 0-69 (0.0)

MCA faculty and staff expect mastery of skills and content at every grade level. Students who show need for remediation may be expected to attend tutorials or retake courses at the High School level in order to earn a passing grade. In addition, students who fail to attend school for at least 90% of any given school year, may be retained.


McClain Christian Academy strives to offer the most hands-on, relevant educational opportunities available. Off-campus educational programs provide students with an opportunity to use previously acquired knowledge and skills, while gaining new knowledge, experience, and skills. MCA faculty and/or administrators are always included as chaperons on these activities.

Whenever students are off-campus on school-sponsored trips/programs, they are subject to and expected to observe all MCA rules, as well behave in such a manner as to model Christ at all times.


Students who maintain all As and Bs (all courses must have an average of 85 or higher) in all courses all year will earn Honor Roll.


Students maintaining all averages at 90 or higher earn High Honor Roll.


Headmaster’s List is awarded to students who maintain averages of 93 and higher, in all classes for every grading period.As in all courses all year will earn Headmaster’s List.


All students wishing to participate in any extracurricular activity offered at McClain Christian Academy must submit the appropriate and/or required forms/documentation and fees for each activity. Students are not allowed to participate, including off-season athletic practices, if such have not been submitted. The School Director and Athletic Director, in consultation with teachers and coaches, determine which students are eligible to participate on MCA teams and which students are no longer eligible.


We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Therefore, homework is assigned to students as required by the curriculum in order to master the skills and content required at each grade level.